Sunday Pause (Paws): The Message

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and look for messages.

This Tuesday it will be three years since my sister, Lisa, passed away. I was looking at some pictures of her and reading some of the poems I wrote after she passed. I was reminded of the messages she sent me during my time of grieving her so I wrote another poem about that.

A hot day and the wind very still
Hoping to cool off in the shade
Sitting on a bench under a tree
Heads bowed while the pastor prayed

A combination of sweat and tears
Rolling down the cheeks on my face
I look over and you’re sitting next to me
We’re preparing your resting place

I was dazed and full of grief
When it came out of nowhere
The strongest and longest breeze
Blowing right through my hair

I lifted up my chin and closed my eyes
I smiled because it was then I knew
I soaked it all in and just received
The message that was coming from you

©LeeAnn Johnston/Animals Are Feeling Beings


She was sending me messages of comfort even before her funeral. Butterflies had a special meaning in my sister’s life. So when I saw a butterfly flying around by my car and land on the bush in front of me, I knew she was there. Previously I wrote a poem about that. Here is a shorter version.

In the lot it landed right near my car
I walked over and said “I know who you are”
I knew it wasn’t just any butterfly
This was my sister stopping by

©LeeAnn Johnston/Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

I wasn’t the only one receiving messages from my sister. I found out that a few of my family members also felt that it was Lisa in that big breeze that came out of nowhere at the funeral. Also my mom had a dream that she was dancing in heaven (she wasn’t in good physical health before she passed). These were her messages to let us know she was OK.

Could the breeze have been a coincidence? Was the butterfly just a butterfly? Was the dream of her dancing just my mom trying to process her loss? Perhaps….

I think messages are being sent to us all of the time and I’m not talking about cell phone and email ones. They’re coming from friends, family, co-workers, our pets, etc. The question is are we noticing and receiving them…whatever they may be?

Happy Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): The Message

  1. Yvon

    Thank you for sharing LeeAnn and I’m sorry for your loss.
    My sister passed away late 2019 … eventhough we didn’t have contact anymore, she was and still is in my heart.



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