Sunday Pause (Paws): Beauty In The Cloudiness

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax!

It’s been very chilly and gloomy lately here. It’s hard to be motivated and, once again, I was drawing a blank in creating a post for today. I don’t always have something to say. Luckily sometimes nature speaks for itself. I saw a bunch of birds flying around the trees and wooded area outside my home. They were chirping away and seemed to be playing…flying from one tree to another, then flying around some more, and again, landing on a tree or the grass. It was so fun to watch. I was trying to get a picture but it was NOT easy. Somehow I managed to get the picture of the bird below about to take off. It isn’t the best quality because it was a very tiny bird, a cloudy day, and I had to zoom way in. But I still was very happy to have gotten it. I actually didn’t even know I had captured it. I didn’t see the bird open its wings when I was snapping the pictures. It was when I was reviewing the images on my camera that I saw it. It was a pleasant surprise.

I shared in my last Sunday post that I was meeting a friend at a park and hoping to get a few pretty pictures. I managed to get a few but only one really stood out to me. It is the one I am sharing with you below. That was also a chilly, very windy, and cloudy day (although the sun did make some appearances).

I love fall! It is my favorite season. In it there is even beauty in the cloudiness. Nature doesn’t disappoint and animals always make me smile.

Happy Sunday! Enjoy your day. ☕️

5 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Beauty In The Cloudiness

  1. Sparkyjen

    Pretty colors. They are what autumn 🍂 means to me. I am so thankful to be highly visual because I never miss out on the beauty of autumn. Even the gloomy days offer some beauty. They come with the season, and make me realize every season has some, just like in life. There are both. It’s all in how we see them. Thanks for sharing! 👏🏾

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