Technology Exhaustion

Hello friends.

I put together a post for today and have ran into technology problems that have turned into an entire day long project.

To say the least I feel just as Cino looks…exhausted.


The problems are with my desktop computer where I do all of my artwork and blogging from. Not sure if they are fixed but it looks like that post and maybe others will have to be on hold for now. Ugh.

8 thoughts on “Technology Exhaustion

    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      It was partly my fault. I messed up on trying to install/download something that was in my “Purchased” tab in App Store that I shouldn’t have. Everything went south form there. I have had my iMac for years but I still don’t understand how it all works (and I am good with technology). I think I just like how Windows is set up better. I have my computer up and running again but still haven’t figured out the original issue with iMovie.

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  1. catladymac

    A lot of other boggers are having various kinds of problems, not all with their equipment. Some are with their ISP or the blogging platform they use. Hope you get things solved !

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