Sunday Pawzing for Wildlife This Father’s Day

Hello all. Happy Sunday! This one is a lot more relaxing for me than last Sunday. I ran into all kinds of computer/software issues and never got to post what I had planned. I will be saving that post for another day. I am still having some trouble with where it all started…iMovie. I keep trying to update it but I don’t think it actually is. I don’t even necessarily care if it updates, I just want it to work and it wasn’t. I could create a movie but then when I would play it back it would be a blank black screen. It seems that this is a common problem many people have. One of the recommended solutions was updating it, which again, is where all of my troubles began. Maybe the next thing to try is uninstalling and reinstalling. I hate doing that because it seems like everything takes an eternity to download, update, install, etc., on an iMac. Another day maybe. For today I wanted to go ahead and take a break from that and share some pics I got on our family day. We celebrated Father’s Day (and a couple of belated birthdays).

We visited a wildlife sanctuary and it was a beautiful day to walk around and look at these magnificent animals. The elk were enjoying the weather too.

When we were directly in the sun it would get a bit warm so it was pretty tempting to want to join these guys in the water. 🙂

I was having a great time talking with the bison. This one came over to me at the fence as I was talking to him.

The deer below was grooming himself but now when I look at this photo I think it looks like he is bowing his head. 🙂

We also walked around a small town, stopped in a coffee cafe, a candy store that had every kind of candy you can think of, and spent some time at my nephews. It was so nice to be with family after such a long time of being apart.

Now for some wildlife we see right in our backyards that I thought fit just fine in this post.

This robin was hanging around on the new little tree that was planted in front of our place last year. I guess they don’t mind the size of the tree or even if they are real or not since we had a mama bird make a nest and gave birth to her babies in our fake tree this Spring.

The last picture of wildlife I am sharing with you today is an adorable picture taken by mom that she shared with me and I edited a little. This little guy, as my mom says, was a “Window Peeper” she had hanging out on her window sill for a while. 🙂 What an adorable and curious window peeper it is.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. They aren’t the best quality since they were taken on my cell phone but I think they are pretty good, and for me, they will be great memories.

We wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the human and pet dad’s out there! Enjoy your day!

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