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“Animals Are Feeling Beings Too” joined Facebook

Hello followers!

I just joined Facebook. I wanted to share it with you and ask that you please “Like” my page. Also, feel free to share my Facebook and my Blog with people you know.  You will be helping animals by doing this. The more people who are aware of issues, the more we can all help make a difference! 

Here is the link to my page: Animals Are Feeling Beings Too/Facebook

I plan to post more often from now on (on Facebook and my Blog)!

Thank you!!! Thanks for caring about animals!

Cat Video Festival

I came across this in my Chuck and Don’s newsletter. How interesting! A place to gather and watch a bunch of funny cat videos. Seems to be drawing a lot of attention. The link below will take you to
information about the Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center.


Below is the video that won The Golden Kitty award.