A Dog On A Chain

This picture is heartbreaking!

Should you put a dog on a chain or not put a dog on a chain?

The word “chain” is in itself so negative. I think its acceptable if you put a dog on an extended leash, maybe one made out of small chains, that will keep them safe from running off if you don’t have a fenced in yard. If you have a fenced in yard, there should be no need.

The purpose of the “extended leash” or “small chain” is so your dog can go to the bathroom and get some fresh air. Not to be on it for hours at a time. They should also be where you can see them in case they get tangled up or stuck. There are many reasons you should not do this to your dog:

  • Chaining dogs makes them territorial and aggressive
  • Chained dogs are sitting ducks for other animals, poisonous insects, and extreme weather
  • They become lonely
  • They become bored
  • It isn’t good for their physical or psychological well-being
  • They are part of your family; this isn’t how you treat family

I‘ve read that in Sweden you can be banned from owning animals, fined, or jailed if you tie a dog up for more than 1 hour. I think this is a wonderful law! Sweden is seeing that “Animal Are Feeling Beings Too.”

There is a book I learned about through the Red Rover Readers program called Buddy Unchained. It’s a book to read and discuss with children how Buddy is feeling being chained up and how he is feeling when someone rescues him and brings him INSIDE their home. It’s a great empathy lesson for children (and adults). You can find the book on Amazon.

If you have children in your life, here is a link to Red Rover E-Books for Empathy App and their first book called “The Restricted Adventures of Raja.” redrover.org

Teaching empathy young means a change for the future of animals!

The take away…dogs are part of the family and need love, care, and companionship for their well-being. Bring them inside.

meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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