FBI Will Begin Tracking Cases of Animal Abuse

Of course, as an animal lover and a voice for them, the first thing I thought with the prompt “bus” was “abuse.” Although, it is not a fun subject and I realize a lot of people want to keep their head in the sand about it, because it is hard to deal with, it is still reality. So, the first thing I want to say about the following article I have linked in my post is…Hallelujah! It’s about time!

I saw this article in my Newsfeed on Facebook. I recently wrote a post about this very dog they are showing, so it caught my attention. Although revisiting the article on this poor precious dog made me sad, I felt such excitement of the hope and step forward for animals!

There has been studies done on the link between animal violence and human violence for a while now. I wrote an article about this that I submitted to “The Editor” of my local newspaper and it was published. Some of the article is in the post I am speaking of which you can read here.

The future of animals being treated, as they deserve, falls on children. I have a (not as heavy) post you can read here discussing this and it also has some adorable photos of children and animals!

Steps forward for animals like this one where the FBI will be tracking animal abuse cases, (even if the goal is for the benefit of humans, the animals will benefit too-yay!) gives me encouragement to keep on keeping on helping and fighting for God’s precious animals!

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