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FBI Will Begin Tracking Cases of Animal Abuse

Of course, as an animal lover and a voice for them, the first thing I thought with the prompt “bus” was “abuse.” Although, it is not a fun subject and I realize a lot of people want to keep their head in the sand about it, because it is hard to deal with, it is still reality. So, the first thing I want to say about the following article I have linked in my post is…Hallelujah! It’s about time!

I saw this article in my Newsfeed on Facebook. I recently wrote a post about this very dog they are showing, so it caught my attention. Although revisiting the article on this poor precious dog made me sad, I felt such excitement of the hope and step forward for animals!

There has been studies done on the link between animal violence and human violence for a while now. I wrote an article about this that I submitted to “The Editor” of my local newspaper and it was published. Some of the article is in the post I am speaking of which you can read here.

The future of animals being treated, as they deserve, falls on children. I have a (not as heavy) post you can read here discussing this and it also has some adorable photos of children and animals!

Steps forward for animals like this one where the FBI will be tracking animal abuse cases, (even if the goal is for the benefit of humans, the animals will benefit too-yay!) gives me encouragement to keep on keeping on helping and fighting for God’s precious animals!

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Why Do People Abuse Animals?

It started last night when I was going through the Newsfeed on Facebook and I saw a post headline and picture about a dog that was abused so badly they said he screamed like a human being when they were approaching him to rescue him. The police officer involved in rescuing him was so moved by this that he has made it his mission to go after the abusers. That is as far as I got. I couldn’t open the post and read it. I was already breaking down. It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning and again I was breaking down.

Most of my posts on Facebook are shared from my blog entries and I know not all of my family & friends are stopping and reading them as they scroll through their Newsfeed. Some people cannot handle seeing or hearing about animal suffering. I am not judging, I get it. I can barely hold it together.

I‘ve seen other images & headlines of elephants on chains, a guy throwing a brick at a dog, a tore up dog from a dogfight. It just goes on and on. Then I start feeling like it is all so overwhelming and I start wondering how I can be making any difference? There are so many animals suffering and I want it all to stop. I wonder if one day this will completely break my spirit.


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When Will We Learn

I sat down on the couch on a Friday night and began channel surfing to find something to watch when I came across a new show called “Hannibal”. I saw less than 30 seconds and was disgusted. Why do they keep making these types of shows? Hannibal, CSI, Revenge (doesn’t the name say it all?), etc. These types of shows make me wonder if we are giving the bad guys new ideas. Why in the world would we want to do that?

I work at a childcare and preschool and I have been told there is a toddler who use a play knife from the housekeeping area and pretends to stab other toddlers with it. I have seen children pretending to shoot guns. I’ve had a school ager tell me he wants to stab his teacher and I’ve seen children hitting stuffed animal toys. Yes, it is just a stuffed animal, but children are role playing when they play with toys. These particular children were playing veterinarian, so why did they want to hit the stuffed animal? Would if it was a real animal? Their pet at home?

As an animal lover, I have read facts based on studies that many adults who abuse or even have killed someone start their violent
tendencies first by harming animals then later move onto harming humans. It is said that these facts are not given the proper attention they should. If they did, maybe these people with violent tendencies would be helped early on and not continue on with their violence. Here are some links that will take you to some of these fact based articles.
Animal Legal Defense Fund
People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals
People Helping Animals
Huffington Post

Are people born violent? Is it the environment they grow up in? Is it seeing tv shows like Hannibal, movies, or video games that teach them this? Desensitize them? To people and animals. These are important things to think about and pay attention too.

Even if you don’t love animals, pay attention anyway, because
animal abuse will eventually lead to human violence.

When will we learn?