I’m King Of The World!

Man has dominion over the animals, so we can treat them however we want, right? (Of course, that would be a “no”)

Whether someone believes in God or not, how about compassion & empathy?

My recent post, Why I Am A Vegetarian looks at how farm animals are treated today. I truly believe if people actually took the time to find out what is happening to animals before they become “meat in the supermarket” they would reconsider what they are eating.

We have a “head in the sand” society when it comes to animals. What we see is the “laughing cow” and “happy cow” type commercials for companies selling their products. What we don’t see is the cruelty going on to the animals to create those products.

It’s one thing to raise animals for meat & dairy if they are allowed to walk around, eat healthy/naturally, have companionship, go outside, and be free of fear and abuse. It’s another to be kept inside, crammed together with other animals, hardly any room to move around, have machines attached to you, hormones stuck in you, and are beaten.

It doesn’t matter how we get it, we just want it. We want it convenient, we want it fast, we want it our way, we want variety and choices. We are busy people.

I don’t feel this is just an animal welfare issue, my friends, this is a reflection of the human race.


Again, the good old saying “a picture says a thousand words” is very true in the following video. It has an incredible message!

I hope you will share this post and I hope the video will, at least, get you thinking.

9 thoughts on “I’m King Of The World!

  1. Conchita Quilt

    I really enjoyed that video it’s spot on and I agree with every point you made in post except for where you make a concession for animals that are free to roam and be outside. The problem with animal agriculture that is “outside” so to speak is that they create the most methane which is cause global warming and the truth of the matter is that it is just another “happy cow” selling point. Those animals go to the same slaughter houses as the others and endure the same torture during their murder. They also fight to escape, it’s not an easier death or quicker or painless for them either. That is a mistake so many people make and it helps them justify continuing to consume. The reality is that whether they have a better life or not, the end is exactly the same for them both. Neither one wants to die, they fight to survive, they are terrified and are hung up and cut into whilst still alive and conscious. It’s never OK because we don’t need to consume, or wear them to survive. I really like the alien’s reaction at the end of the video. That’s what I’d like to do to all the magnates that are pulling all the strings!

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Thank you for your comment. The thing is though that while they are alive living their day to day life, they shouldn’t be living in horrible inhumane conditions. I totally agree the end is still horrible, but that is only one day (not even a full day) of their life. They should at least have the rest of their life to be free and happy. One day of misery or entire life is what I am looking at here. But don’t get me wrong, I still do not agree with the end. Does that make sense?

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      1. Conchita Quilt

        Totally! No animal should suffer the way animals in factory farming do! Unfortunately, animals roaming free and happy isn’t sustainable because there is too much demand. There is so much demand for meat, fish and dairy that we are depleting the earth of it’s resources. I watched a video today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3-BX-jN_Ac … which gave the example of a family cat that is cared for it’s whole life, practically one of the family, loved and cared for in every way, then the cat dies… then the question is put forth… why not eat it? After all it lived a wonderful full life. You’re probably feeling sick now, I am too, but the point is exactly that, yes, it’s better to treat them well, of course, I would never argue with that, but just because they’re treated well doesn’t mean we should use them for food or clothing or entertainment. They don’t belong to us, we were told to take care of them not eat them and enslave them. God doesn’t make mistakes and he was clear in that animals were created to keep us company and we were to look after them, feed them and live with them. One day soon, a vegan diet won’t be a choice, it will be a necessity and not just because of the cruelty, or our health but because the planet will force us into it. So basically, if I had to choose between the two, I would agree with you and choose they be free until the end, but if I were to choose the right thing, then I would choose for them to be free always and live out their natural life until it ends naturally, the way God intended.

        Great post!!! Thanks for sharing such an important message. Goodnight my friend, God Bless!

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