Sunday Pause (Paws) for Animals

This Sunday, I wanted to try my hand at a little poetry again. So kick back, take a little break and I hope the message I am trying to convey comes through in what I wrote.

Female and male come together
A life is formed in the womb
When it’s time, born into this world
A baby’s life is brand new

Unable to care for itself
This new life needs love and care
Help from another life
And certainly the need for prayer

Without shelter life is rough
Without love they grow mean & cold
Without food they will starve
And not live long enough to grow old

These lives depending on you
None of us meant to be on our own
In a world that can be so hard
For a baby or when grown

Looking at new life
And the needs to get by
Do you think it’s just about humans
If that is what you’re thinking, why?

Do animals not need
These very same things?
Were they and we
Not both created by the king?

One has fur, the other does not
One has four legs, the other has two
It is true all LIVES matter,
So who cares if red, purple, or blue

Not all lives basic needs are being met
Some are alone or living in constant fear
Some beaten, mutilated, starved and ignored
Wondering if any help is near

How do they defend themselves
Against mankind what can they do?
They have no voice in this world
Except a meow, woof, & moo

The good news is there will be a time
When all of the pain will end
For you, for me
And for all of our animal friends

But there is a lot of suffering
Until that time is here
So step up, be their voice
Let them know help IS NEAR

This poem came to me thinking of the dog in my last post which I have had a hard time getting off of my mind. What’s even sadder is I saw another post about another dog who had his ears AND his nose cut off. The need to help these poor creatures is huge!

One Sunday I asked if you would take a pause in the day and pray for my cat Cino. This Sunday, I would like to ask if you will take a pause and pray for all animals. We need to come together and ask God to help us to know how to help and for stronger and more laws against animal cruelty.

If you didn’t read my last post, please do, there is one dog that really needs us to speak up for him. Here is the link: Humans vs. Animals

Thank you and I hope you have a good Sunday!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws) for Animals

  1. foragreaterpurposeblog

    I so know the feelings for our pets, they are like children to a barren woman. My heart goes out to you and will pray for your baby. =^..^=

    Liked by 1 person


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