Safety For Your Pet During Fireworks

Do your Fourth of July plans include protecting your pet?

Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or another holiday or celebration where there are fireworks, it is extremely important to consider the safety of your pet.

Animals do not enjoy the sound of fireworks. In fact, they can be pretty terrifying for many animals.

Boss Paws

Did you know a huge amount of pets go missing during fireworks because they are panicking, disoriented, and afraid? PawBoost does and they have put together some great tips on how to prepare for July 4th (or any celebration with fireworks): Fireworks & Lost Pets.

Here also is a post from “The Retrievers Facebook Page” with more ideas on how to prepare and protect your pet: Fireworks Aren’t Fun.

Pets are family and depend on us, let’s keep them safe!

I hope these tips help and you’ll pass them on.

13 thoughts on “Safety For Your Pet During Fireworks

  1. Lauren

    Effie will probably choose to come in from her secure Effieland and stay in most of the day. She’s never out in the evening anyway. We’ll be home with her in any case. I’m super-sensitive around noise and crowds–like most animals! ^-.-^

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    Thanks for this! In the past, while traveling, my dog, Tula, had ran away from fireworks. Luckily, she is now safe. Her BD is on July 4th though so we try to celebrate it as best as we can safely while being inside! This is really great information! Please share it with others who don’t have access to this blog! Thank you so much!

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  3. My Golden Life

    Hubby and I will be here at home with the girls when the fireworks start. We have to do a little grocery shopping later, but that won’t take long. Besides we have a baseball game to watch on TV. 😊

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