Short & Sweet

A post short and sweet just like the bunny below!

astro strawberry-edited-with-words

Caring for the needs of our animals means more than most may think.

Making sure our animal friends have the basics; food, water & shelter is very important. But so is their psychological needs. If they are bored they will develop behavior issues, if they are ignored they will develop insecurity issues, if they are mistreated they will develop stress & anxiety, etc. We need to think of the whole package when it comes to animals, not just meeting their basic physical needs.

They are living, feeling beings, not “just” animals. YOU may agree, but it is so important that we spread the word on this because there are a lot of people who don’t. Factory farm animals and animals used in entertainment are two of the biggest examples of animals being treated as nothing more than an “object” that is there for humans to do whatever they please. In these industries there is no regard for the excruciating pain the animals go through, both physically & psychologically. Why do you think we have to fight so hard for the humane treatment of animals and to stop animal abuse? Because of the way the world views them.

I hope you’ll speak up for any animal you see not being cared for in a way that meets ALL of their needs.

(By the way, prayers for the animals that need rescuing from the devastation of the recent hurricanes).

See you Sunday for Sunday Pause (Paws)!


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