Harming Animals Leads To Harming People


“But perhaps when we look at the connection between animal cruelty and human violence, we would focus more attention on those who abuse animals to prevent them from escalating to crimes against people.”

“This is a serious problem. It is also one that will only get worse if left unchecked.”

Taken from “Animal Cruelty and Human Violence” http://www.huffingtonpost.com

The tragedies are too much around our world lately, especially in the Unites States. When you think about what the answer is, does empathy towards animals come to mind? Probably not, but I encourage you to rethink that. Here is my latest poem…

So you don’t feel the same
About animals as I do
I never demanded that
You don’t have to

But if you care about people
And the lives being lost
That guns are in the wrong hands
And how we are paying the cost

Then care about animals
How they are treated tells a lot
A sign of a mental illness
You can easily spot

Hurting animals is the first step
On the road of causing harm
An animal being hurt
Should certainly cause alarm

The proof is in the studies
To care about animals, my friends
IS to care about people
And we need this violence to end

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

I wrote the following article in 2014 and it was published in my local newspaper. I discuss in this article the link between harming animals and harming people.
(Sorry, I know the legibility isn’t great.)


Here are the links to the articles I mentioned in my Letter to the Editor:

No Boundaries for Abusers: The Link Between Cruelty to Animals and Violence Toward Humans

Animal Abuse and Human Abuse: Partners in Crime

Animal Cruelty and Human Violence

We need to pay more attention to those who hurt animals, not only because it is just plain wrong, but also because they will eventually hurt people.

Please pass on.

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