Sunday Pause (Paws): It’s The Best News Ever

It’s Sunday…Easter Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and receive not good news…but the BEST NEWS EVER.

Easter is celebrated with egg hunts and sharing baskets filled with goodies. But this isn’t what Easter is about. It’s not about a rabbit, it’s about what Jesus did for us.


I don’t listen to the radio all that often but lately I have been turning it on while I am creating images and posts. The first time I heard the song “Best News Ever” by MercyMe I was dancing around. It’s a song that moves my heart (and my body). It actually gives me goosebumps. There aren’t too many songs that make me stop everything I am doing, turn up the volume, and dance around. If you don’t know the song here is a little of the lyrics.

“What if I were the one to tell you
That the fight’s already been won
Well, I think your day’s about to get better
What if I were the one to tell you
That the work’s already been done
It’s not good news
It’s the best news ever”
By MercyMe

But reading lyrics isn’t near the experience as listening to them sing them. I have shared the YouTube video of it below. I felt this was perfect for Easter and what it is truly all about. I hope you enjoy!


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