Sunday Pause (Paws): For Farm Animals

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and take in the truth, even if it may be difficult.

I like to try to keep most of my Sunday posts more on the light side. But my blog is about being a voice for animals. So, I apologize, but today I am writing about a serious topic…the treatment of farm animals.

It came across my Facebook Newsfeed about the undercover investigation at Fair Oaks Farms and the abuse of calves there recorded on video. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the videos. I got the gist from all of the headlines and comments.

Abuse of farm animals is not uncommon. They get away with it because it happens behind closed doors. We see the “happy cow” commercials, but I don’t think there are a whole lot of actual happy cows on factory farms. Even the word “factory” gets me. Animals are not objects to live in a factory. God made them to live, play, graze, move, and BE with other animals. He didn’t create them for abuse and mistreatment by his other creation…us. This has to stop!


I became a vegetarian years ago and am on my way to going vegan. If you are not, I am not judging you. But I am asking for us to say “enough” and speak up for animals against the treatment of them. We can help them with our voice and by taking action (never with violence). Writing letters to the editor, petitions, not purchasing certain products/foods, and spreading the word are some of the ways to speak up.

We can also help on our knees.


Together we can make a difference for them. We NEED to make a difference for them.

Again, sorry about the heavier post, but I have a heavy heart.

I‘ll end with a quote and this adorable little guy who was saved by a co-worker of mine. He was rejected by his mom and now he will live a life FREE from ever being anyone’s dinner.


The following is from a comment another blogger made on one of my posts.

“For Christianity, I go to Genesis. This is where God explains the intentions of all he created. I stress that God says that man is to have dominion over all on the Earth and that man is to watch over it. For me that is different from mass manipulation of all on the Earth. I also like to think of how many times God stresses the shepherd and his role to the sheep. The shepherd is to risk his life to guide and guard those sheep and keep them safe.”

I think this is very well said and this is exactly what I am always trying to convey.

Happy Sunday!

(I hope you like the addition to my blog…the poodle. I am working on making my own animals but it will take time to get them all done. So far I have made the cat which is of my Cino and the poodle which is the dog I grew up with, Kurly.)

*Note: In the images in this post the cow, pig, chicken, fence, and sky background were taken from Pixabay. Everything else was made by me.

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