Sunday Pause (Paws): Fun With New

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy new things.

Isn’t it fun when you get something new? New furniture, a new haircut, a new car, etc. It’s even more fun when it’s something you can play around with.

I just got a new phone and I’m spending WAY too much timing playing around with it to get to know all of the things it can do.

I‘m especially excited about the camera. Here are a few of the very first photos I took with it.

We were taking a little walk in an area we love going to that’s by a river. We were shocked when we saw how flooded the usually beautiful walking and sitting area was. The water came way up into where the picnic tables and benches are. Notice the geese lying on the picnic table relaxing and catching some sun. It’s not bothering them. πŸ™‚



We got so much snow this past winter we are battling flooding all over but I hadn’t seen it until we were taking this little walk.

As you can tell, it has a great camera which is something I have never had on a phone. I still have a lot to learn on how to use all of the settings and options but one thing I discovered is that you can turn your picture into a GIF while capturing it. That actually is easy, it’s just a setting. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to edit it and add my logo which has nothing to do with the camera but with the software I have. Here is the first GIF photo I took and edited of Cino.


Well I’m off to have more fun with my new toy.

Happy Sunday!

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