Sunday Pause (Paws): A Tale Of Caution

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax.

The weather is changing where I live. Winter is here! I am really nervous about driving in it. I am used to driving only blocks to get to work and most other places. Now that we have moved I have a commute. Because of the weather and traffic I decided to get snow tires for the first time ever. I am hoping that will make a difference. The season has barely begun and there has already been treacherous driving conditions and many accidents. It made for an idea for a post today so I have a little rhyme for you. I hope you enjoy!


The alarm clock rings
The birds outside sing
You jump out of bed
Need to get everyone fed

No time to make a meal
Jump in car hands on wheel
McDonalds is on the way
Gotta get on with the day

Let me give you a word of caution
Things happen when you’re not careful & watching
And the crew is not ready for the disorder
From this kind of drive through food order


Actual photo of a car driving into a local McDonald’s (photo turned into art)

There are places to be and things to do
Work, meetings, errands, and shopping too
Getting there as fast as you can is the goal
But is it worth wrapping your car around a pole?


Actual photo of the other car in an accident that involved my cousin’s son (photo turned into art)

It is once again that time of year
The holiday season is here
Let me give you a word of caution
If you’re not careful and watching
You could wind up spending it in jail
Instead of dinner, family will be posting bail


Actual photo of local highway sign (photo turned into art)

So with the weather changing
And all the gatherings you’re arranging
Just a word of caution
If you’re not careful and watching
Accidents and harm could be what you cause
So slow down, breathe, and take a pause
Be mindful of those around you, don’t ignore
Those with two legs or those with four

©LeeAnn Johnston/Animals Are Feeling Beings Too


Happy Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): A Tale Of Caution

    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Thanks Ron! I was trying to be humorous too, not sure if I pulled it off. When my brother-in-law heard about the person driving into the local McDonald’s he said “now that’s a drive through order” and we all just cracked up and kicked ourselves for not thinking of it ourselves. It’s such an obvious joke. 🙂 I too thought the sign was hilarious when I saw it and upset that I didn’t get a pic but saw another one later and yippee…I got the pic!


  1. AmyRose🌹

    Love your poem, LeeAnn, and even though the pictures involved true to life, accidents I found them fascinating. As for rushing, I do so much of that some days just at home caring for our cats. When I am out in the world, MY TIME, I won’t rush. Hubby was just telling one of our neighbors how I’m up so early in the mornings and just go all day long. ME TIME gives me opportunity to slow down, breathe, and get into my zone so I can continue with the running at home. Great post and I thank you!! xo

    Liked by 1 person


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