Sunday Pause (Paws): Are You?

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and that means…push the pause button.

My sister’s birthday was this past week which got me thinking about her. She passed away a few years ago at the young age of 53. It was quite unexpected. I wrote the following poem shortly after that. It seems kind of fitting for what we’re all going through right now since the main message is about stopping and slowing down. It really is hard though, isn’t it? But it’s in times like these that we can be forced to.


The world is so busy
The world is so fast
Treating life like a race
How quickly time is passed

Then one day comes
When you receive a call
That one of your loved ones is gone

And now your heart takes a fall

So your race takes a pause
You put the brakes on the spinning top
You look around and wonder
Why doesn’t the rest of the world stop?

Your mind feels like that spinning top
You’re overwhelmed and feeling lost
Trying to process and deal with it all
Is so hard in your exhaust

The funeral will come and go
And you’ll be forced back in the race
But your heart now has a hole
And your life feels out of place

You spend your time grieving
In the valley, instead of the mountaintop
You look around and wonder
Why doesn’t the rest of the world stop?

It’s not something you get over
But you find a way to carry on
A life that’s different now
With your loved one now gone

You realize whats important
In a world that goes so fast
Your priorities take a turn
And God says “at last”

It will start to slow down
That speeding spinning top
And one day you’ll stop asking
Why doesn’t the rest of the world stop?

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too


Are you slowing down?

Happy Sunday! Now…Pause…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Are You?

  1. Ron Walker

    I loved it. I spent the day busier than I had wanted. The deck was about to fall of it’s own accord, so a friend came over, and we repaired it, put a railing around it and some hand rails on the two sets of steps. Maybe next Sunday, I can rest.

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