Sunday Pause (Paws): A Strange Christmas

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back & relax!

This has been a hard and strange year and Christmas was strange this year too. Our family didn’t get together because we are trying to remain safe during the pandemic. We celebrated by opening gifts from one another on Skype. It was nice but doesn’t begin to compare to being together.

Christmas always comes & goes so quickly. The poem below I wrote a few years back. I wanted to share it again.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

People all around are so full of cheer
Bells that are jingling all the way
Songs a plenty about that special day
Children thinking about all of the gifts
Telling Santa what’s on their wish list
Trees decorated so beautiful & bright
That glow beautiful in the silent night
Going here & there travelers abound
Friends and family gathering all around
Candy canes and cookies galore
Mashed potatoes, gravy and so much more
Stockings stuffed with treats for Fido

So full they fall and land on the bible
Everyone stops and remembers the reason
That we celebrate this festive season
It’s not about Santa and his sleigh full of toys
But Jesus’s birth and to the world what joy!
So from me and even my little scrooge too
We wish a very Merry Christmas to you

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

I know at this point Christmas has already been & gone this year but because we didn’t get together it almost feels like we didn’t have it. Then I am reminded, as I mention in my poem, what Christmas is really about and I remember it is something that is celebrated no matter the circumstances. It isn’t about me.

Well, as I mentioned, we did open gifts via Skype. One of my favorite gifts that I received is this beaded giraffe. Not only is it adorable but the proceeds go to feeding starving children.

Cino loves the floppy fish she received from grandma!

I know at least two other people who also received this or got this for their cats this year too. Guess it’s a popular toy. 🙂 Did any of you with cats out there get this toy?

I hope you have still been able to enjoy Christmas this strange year.

Happy Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): A Strange Christmas

  1. Andrea Gaines

    Glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas! This next year is gonna be Great! I have Faith it will be!
    May God bless you All Tremendously!
    Hug sweet Cino for me!💙🐈🐾🐈💙🐈🐾

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  2. AmyRose🌹

    Merry Christmas, LeeAnn. Next year will be a whole different story and just imagine how we are going to cherish it and all the other Christmases after it. May 2021 be a whole lot better then this year. Yes it has been a very difficult year in so many ways. And oh I love that beaded giraffe. What a unique gift! Our cats didn’t get new toys this year. We’ve all been involved in being with Doodles as much as we could before he went to heaven. Love is more important then toys. Much love to you! xo

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  3. Kathy

    Awww….the flippity fish!! One of mine loves the fishing pole……not so much the fish! The other appears annoyed at the fish flopping around smacking him here and there moves away looking at it indignantly! LOL! Cats…… gotta love ’em! 🙂 Celebrating Jesus, his birth and all he has done for us; and Happy New Year to you, hope all is well, LeeAnn! Think of you with love.

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      1. Kathy

        My flippity fish came with a collapsible fishing pole with a strand of rope that hooks to the fist and to the pole so we can hold the pole and pull it around or tease them with it in the air, etc. Sheryl has demolished the handle which was made of some kind of hard foam like material (unfortunately) that she has chewed to bits!

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  4. Kathy

    Oh, and, I know it was a strange year….. So glad it is about Jesus and not us. For years now, my family has not celebrated the traditional Christmas of our culture. It started because it got to be too much and all the children had grown up and people didn’t have the money for all the gifts and such; we exchanged names for years, too; then it got to be such stress that it wasn’t enjoyable, all the “to do’s” made it feel like a chore (cards, decorations, going here, going there, etc… rush rush rush while trying to keep up with everything and work a job, travel to each others houses, etc…..). Then it became completely about Jesus for me. I started not wanting all the rest just because for me, it just didn’t represent Him really in our culture anymore, and had become a consumer shopping holiday…. I began to see all the packaging waste added to the landfill; I remember thinking we all have all we need and there are so many with so little or nothing, there are those homeless, those animals needing basic needs met at shelters and more….. And so it changed for me. I cannot celebrate the traditional Christmas anymore. I long for it to become totally about celebrating His birth without all the cards and decorations and hustle and bustle and instead, the world starts getting together, pitching in, giving to the poor, making sure no one goes without, that all animals are safe and warm and not lost or abandoned hurting and alone; that industries stop exploiting for a profit and consumers become the kind of shoppers that don’t buy fur and are careful where to know where it all comes from, how it got made, who was harmed along the way human and animal…….. I long for it to be a place where neighbors start getting together and enjoying vegan meals and looking out for each other….. I pray for it. Sigh….well, this is just me, not saying it is all bad, a lot of people love all that, and I get it and understand….I just wish we humans did not exploit for it all, but were careful it does no harm first and then do it! If you know what I mean…… Okay enough, just me rambling I guess. I know how hard it was for SO many people not to be with family – THAT I missed, too, LeeAnn….. Being together is the most important part, besides Jesus being celebrated for the reason for the season!! Love and blessings…<3

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