Sunday Pause (Paws): Fun With Pics

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and let the artsy fartsy side come out.

Sometimes you just never know “what you want to be when you grow up.” I still really haven’t figured it out and I should be retiring in less than 20 years. A lot of my life I feel like I was just “surviving.” I always felt lost and unsure of myself. So I made some bad choices and went down the wrong path for a while. Basically I was just trying to pay the bills, fit in, and trying to be happy. But it was when I started paying attention to God that things started changing…I started changing. I’m still a “work in progress” and will be all of my days. No one is perfect. But I’m not just trying to survive anymore. I’m trying to “live”…really truly “live.” Because it isn’t just about what we “do” to pay the bills, it’s who we are and how we live.

I still haven’t figured out “what I want to be” to pay the bills but I have discovered that I enjoy being creative. My love for animals is nothing new. I have loved them all of my life and have always tried to advocate for them. With discovering that I like being creative I can take my love for animals and my love for creating and combine them. 🙂

This week I took a photo of Cino and started playing around with it and turning it into artwork.

It’s so fun playing with images
And turning them into artwork
Editing them on your own
Or using filters can be a perk


You can also choose
Color or black & white
Changing the look of it
Until it looks just right

A picture is a picture
But with editing tools galore
It can be a beautiful creation
It can be so much more

But the original one
That you had from the start
Without fancy editing & filters
May be it’s own work of art

I have a Web Design Certificate so I have taken some classes on editing photos but recently I have discovered a free online one that is kind of fun called Lunapic. That is what I used for the above “artwork” pictures.

Do you like “creating?”

Have a great day and Happy Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Fun With Pics

        1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

          Weird. I’ve never had that problem. Maybe try clicking “undo history list” under the “edit” tab. That’s what I’ve done. I have never saved any images on the site either so when I am done and get out it just deletes the image and when I go to use LunaPic the next time I upload a new image.


          1. lifelessons

            I went on YouTube and found a tutorial that straightened me out! Bless YouTube and those who care enough to guide us….I hadn’t noticed the tool bar on the top that had an upload button!! I saved on Google Photos and from there I could drag the photo to my desktop. Thanks for taking the time to answer me. I really appreciate it!!!

            Liked by 1 person


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