Sunday Pause (Paws): The Cat In The Hat (My Version)

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and listen to a story by me. 🙂

Yesterday was good old Dr. Seuss’s birthday! So I made my own online little rhyming book in honor of him.

This is my first attempt at making something like this where I use my voice and my own images. I found out I still have a lot to learn. The images don’t seem to view very clearly on all screens sizes. But never fear, I am sharing each story page first so you can see them clearly.

So presenting the short rhyming story…The Cat In The Hat (my version).






Now it’s really time to relax, which is always a good thing to do on Sundays! I hope you enjoy sitting back (for a whole minute and 25 seconds), hearing my voice for the first time, and listening to me read.

I feel those Dr. Seuss type rhymes read better when you read them fast without pauses in between. But then the video would have been so fast, so I was reading it slower and stretching it out. Whew! Like I said, I still have a lot to learn, but not so bad for the first try. What did you think of it?

Happy Sunday!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): The Cat In The Hat (My Version)

  1. Sparkyjen

    I think you did an almost purr-fect job creating a rhythmic story I suspect Dr. Seuss would appreciate very much. I personally got a chuckle out of it. What an excellent way to paws on a Sunday and enjoy a “cat-chy” design effort just like this. Meow!

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Thanks so much for your nice comment! I have found a new interest in creating images and putting messages about animals with them and am really enjoying trying new things. I know this one may seem more for kids but the message is really for everyone. 🙂
      Happy Sunday!

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  2. AmyRose🌹

    I grew up with Dr. Seuss. So I thank you, LeeAnn, for this really cute post. You did an exceptional job writing like Dr. Seuss. Now that is a high bar!! Way to go! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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