For The Love Of Cats

Finally! I was finally able to finish the video I was working on two weeks ago when I ran into all kinds of software/computer trouble. It so happens that today is Cat World Domination Day! So it worked out ok because what a perfect day to share it. 🐱

I put the video together in honor of a cat that was beaten on live video. It sickens me to think humans can do such things to helpless, innocent, and loving beings. It was a teenager that did it. This makes me think of a recent online course I did on technology in the classroom and in children’s lives in general. What stuck out to me the most was that when kids spend too much time on computer/phones it affects the development of empathy. Two key factors for developing empathy are the ability to read faces and learn social skills. Face-to-face interactions are the only way children learn this. I think the way things are this is scary for our future and scary for animals future.

It’s up to us adults to change this! Limit the screen time for children in your life, monitor what they are doing online, put parental/security blocks on, get them out doing activities, and teach them empathy and kindness toward animals. Doing nothing will reap consequences for everyone.

OK, let’s get back to the video. Without further adue, here is the video of yours, mine, and others beautiful cats! Precious beings they are. I hope you enjoy!

7 thoughts on “For The Love Of Cats

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