Sunday Pause (Paws): Trying To Fit In

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and do some thinking.

I‘m not sure how long you have been blogging but have you ever noticed how sometimes you seem to have a lot of interaction (or Likes) on your posts and sometimes hardly at all? When it is hardly at all it makes you start to wonder why. Is it that your blogging community is busy and just not seeing your posts or maybe they just don’t like that particular post?

Some of you have been with me for a while on this blogging journey. You know that I have changed things along the way as probably many of us have. Lately it kind of seems like I am not getting a lot of interaction. It made me start wondering if it could be because I have been using cartoon images a lot more often and not writing as much. I started thinking about that and if I should try to change my posts. But I realized I really don’t want to, at least not right now, because I am finding joy in creating the cartoons.

Thinking about all of this made me also think about how we worry about our popularity or if we are fitting in. Not just with social media but with everything. But is that really what matters?


We wake up, drink coffee, and put on our mask
Go out, fit in, and please everyone
But we lose ourselves so the mask has to go
The worrying, pressure, and conforming is done

The greatest gift we can give in this world
Is for me to be me and you to be you
Each of us has something unique to offer
Take time to find it and to yourself be true

Without letting go of what others think
It is hard to relax, it’s hard to find rest
But being the true us and doing what we enjoy
Now that is when we will be at our best

ยฉLeeAnn Johnston/Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

I guess the point I am trying to make is if any of us spend too much time worrying about how we can please everyone then we will lose the joy that some of us get, in this community, from blogging. Of course I blog mainly to get the word about the treatment of animals in our society. But I also really enjoy doing it artistically through images and poetry. If you’re not a fan of that I hope you’ll stick around anyway and help me in this battle for the animals because to help animals it takes you, it takes me, it takes we.

Here is the picture I took of Cino that inspired this trying to “fit in” post.


Don’t follow where the path goes, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Happy Sunday.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Trying To Fit In

  1. KDKH

    Donโ€™t worry about using a cartoon cat! Itโ€™s fun and a live cat is not as likely to pose. The cartoons are fun and no cats were irritated in their creation! I like asking one to pose.

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  2. iamthesunking

    I find that the Likes, traffic and interaction tend to be completely random and unpredictable. Occasionally there will be more activity if I tag something topical e.g. โ€œMay Dayโ€, and there is sometimes more traffic on a weekend than a weekday but, other than that, itโ€™s utterly haphazard for me!

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  3. Andrea Gaines

    Hi there!๐Ÿˆ I’ve always enjoyed your blog. I may not always comment, but I’m reading it and have saved several of them for inspiration when I’m down. Also … you know with the crazy weather, some tower troubles are bound to interfere. Just the other night, our whole area lost the internet for a couple of days! Some kind of power failure.
    Never base your joy on someone else’s interaction.
    You started this because it gave you joy and purpose.
    As long as those things are still intact, than enjoy the blessings God has given you through it.
    You Do make a difference LeeAnn! Everyday! Never forget that!๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ป.Drea.๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’™

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