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Beginning Of A New Season

We’ve had two days of light snow and very cold weather. Between the snow and cold temperatures it has been very slippery on the roads and sidewalks. Even though I am not a huge fan of summer, it’s way too soon for this. It’s only the first week of November!

Anyway, since it can’t be stopped, during this change of season let’s not forget our pets.


How about your area? Any snowfall or cold temperatures?

Sunday Pause (Paws): A Spring Snow Storm

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back & relax!

Today I have a little story in the form of a poem. I hope you enjoy.

A turkey out for a stroll
When the weather takes a turn
Shelter found under a roof’s edge
Until something causes him concern


Footsteps coming towards him
A person with a camera in hand
Makes him start to move away
Wings flapping, I think I made him mad
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Winter Is Here

We have had the nicest weather. Autumn has been gorgeous, the temperature has remained warm and comfortable for this time of year, in fact yesterday it was in the 50’s, and there has been no sign of snow. All of that changed today.

It was only in the 20’s for a high today and “feels like” -5 degrees with the windchill. Brrr!!!

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Sunday Pause (Paws)

Here we are again…it’s Sunday!

Winter has arrived where I live. The weather has been strange though. We have had warmer than normal temperatures and a lot of rain. If it weren’t for these warmer temperatures, that rain would have been snow, a lot of snow!

We actually have gotten some snow, but it has all melted away. Much colder temps are expected for next week, so I’m sure the snow will be here to stay soon and for MANY months.

Whether you enjoy winter or not, I think you will still enjoy watching the animals in the video below loving it!

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Pets Outside in the Cold-What Do We Do?


do-somethingAnimal Radio

I received a phone call this morning from someone who is concerned about a neighbor dog and they were looking for advice. The dog seems to be put outside whenever they are home and then brought inside whenever they leave. When the dog is outside it is put inside of a little fenced in square they have in the yard.

The concern isn’t so much about that, even though in my opinion, I don’t feel people should have a dog unless they are actually going to pay attention to it. It’s more about the nonstop barking for one. Although ignoring your pet is going to cause barking and other behavior issues (and who’s fault is this?…not the dog’s. Just saying). The other concern is, it just turned very cold here, and the dog is being left in the cold for hours at a time. This dog has no doghouse to go into and there are no leaves on trees anymore to block the brutal winds. Continue reading