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Sunday Pause (Paws): Butterfly Wings

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and take flight with a butterfly.



Oh you beautiful butterfly
Those wings can take you oh so high
Oh to have those butterfly wings
Oh what joy they must bring

Oh butterfly with wings so great
Can you fly beyond the golden gate?
Please find my dear beloved sis
And give her a big butterfly kiss
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Elephants in Entertainment

Doesn’t this elephant look really happy?

Elephants are beautiful creatures. They are extremely social, intelligent, have a long memory span, and have the largest brain in the animal kingdom.

Elephant are used in circuses, county fairs, roadside amusements, and Renaissance Festivals. I want to focus on the Renaissance Festival in this post, but for information on animals being used in circuses, click here.

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The Circus is Coming to Town-DON’T GO!

I‘m sure you think a circus is a fun family event, the children will love it, the animals are so cute….! It isn’t odd to think any of those things. Have you ever stopped to think beyond that and think about the animals? What do they go through for these shows? Is it really fun for a lion, elephant, zebra, or any animal to perform in front of people all of the time? To be kept in small quarters, to be constantly traveling on the road, to be in front of thousands of people at a time and forced to jump through a hoop that’s on fire! Most are beaten to learn these tricks.

Check out the following links to some information on animals in
circuses andĀ please spread the word and pleaseĀ DON’T GO.

There are many circuses that do not use animals in their shows. Please support them!